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When I’m hiring staff or even freelancers, it helps to get specific in the process. 

There are too many people out there who may have a skill that I’m looking for, for me to invest time into filtering through all of them. 

While there are lots of ways to filter through people and narrow a search. I want to talk about one that I’ve used to great effect lately. 

Let’s say I want to hire someone to manage my email. When browsing through candidates, then, I look only at people’s headlines: anyone who has multiple, unconnected jobs listed is automatically ruled out. 

For example, a person who mentions email management AND graphic design is eliminated. 

A social media manager who also can do email? 


Customer service specialist who has experience handling email too? 


These crossed-off individuals may very well be great at what they do. But so am I. I could manage my email by myself if I wanted to. My skills would be better deployed in other areas, though.

So, I want a specialist who’s not only great at this— but who FOCUSES on this. What I don’t want: someone who “can” do it, nor do I want someone who lists ten skills and settles for using only one of those skills in taking my job offer. 

I want a person who does the job I’m listing…

And NOTHING else. 

What to take from this —

1) The specialist always beats the generalist (although, paradoxically, the generalist may be more popular as they can “possibly” help a larger population of people). 

2) Broadcasting all of your skills isn’t always the best idea. If I’m hiring an editor for my book, I want a full-time editor — not an editor / influencer / executive assistant / webinar expert. 

3) The more clear you get on who you help and how, the easier everything is for everyone: you in selling yourself, your buyers in choosing you, and both of you in what exactly you’re gonna do to produce results. 

4) Specificity is also the hardest thing to do when you’re watching everyone else stay busy doing “everything.” 

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