How To Chase And Catch 2 Rabbits At Once

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Conventional wisdom promotes someone focusing on one thing. Don’t want to stretch myself too thin. Jack-of-all-trades and master of none. I need to focus on my core business. If you chase two rabbits, you’ll catch neither.

Two or more rabbits can be easily caught simultaneously: Just set two traps. Or bait multiple rabbits into the same big trap.

Here’s news: rabbits are smaller and quick than humans. They can swiftly dart around corners that we can’t. Rabbits can squeeze into spaces fully-grown humans cannot. Rabbits are always on super-alert and will run to safety at the slightest sound of danger. You don’t “chase” rabbits. That’s a losing game.

“Setting traps” can mean many things. Have more energy. Be better at what (everything) you’re doing. Have some other people working with (for) you. Develop a strategy that maximizes your time & energy. Do all of these and you can catch 10 rabbits.

I like to say that cliches are cliche for a reason: most of them are based in truth. Chase an animal that is natural prey (like a rabbit), its entire genetic makeup is based on getting away from you. Forget about two, I’d like to see the average person catch one rabbit. The better idea is let the rabbit do was it does best — be nervous and quick to flee — and let that play into your hands.

When humans play the rabbit game, the rabbit wins. When rabbits play the human game of strategy and planning, the humans win.

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