How To Easily Get A Lot Better Quickly So You Can Avoid Being Blind To Your Weaknesses…

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I heard this one from author Dan Pink. 

It’s called the Hotshot Rule, and it’s quite simple. 

If a Hotshot (read: highly skilled and knowledgeable) person took your job today, what would he/she do? 

If a Hotshot (read: highly skilled and knowledgeable) person took your job today, what would he/she do? Click To Tweet

What weaknesses would Mr. / Ms. Hotshot fix?

What opportunities would they jump at and exploit? 

What would they eliminate? 

What would they test out to see if it works? 

How would they make things better than what they inherited from you? 

Answer those questions. 

Then, DO IT. 

Be the Hotshot. 

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