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1) People notice that I’ve written several books. 

2) They tell me that they have been wanting to write a book too. 

3) They want to know what steps they’d need to take to make this desire a reality. 

4) When I ask them why they want to write a book, the answer is some form of “I have a story that’s different / interesting / inspiring” (often I don’t have to ask; this information if volunteered). 

If you’ve written or want to write a book for your family and descendants to read when you’re long gone, fine. 

Do it. Everyone should do that. 

A prospective authors who fits the profile laid out above is reading this. 

If you want to write a book for any other reason than for your grandkids — meaning you want people who are not related to you and who otherwise don’t care about you as a person to buy and read it — what follows is for you. 

Consider this message a wake-up call. 



Nobody gives a damn about MY story, either. YOU don’t care about my story, even though you read these articles. 

Most important truth: NOBODY GIVES A DAMN ABOUT YOUR STORY. Nobody gives a damn about MY story, either. YOU don’t care about my story, even though you read these articles. Click To Tweet

Maybe your significant other and your kids would read yours, to be nice. They don’t really care, though.

No one cares about anyone’s story, except the story of one person: ourselves. 

We are each too caught up in our own stories to care much for yours. 

No one cares about anyone’s story, except the story of one person: ourselves. We are each too caught up in our own stories to care much for yours. Click To Tweet

“BUT,” you object, “lots of people write books sharing their stories! Dre, your books share YOUR story!! Michelle Obama’s book has 24,000 ratings on Amazon — and its her STORY!! 

“Sorry, Dre, I like your stuff, but you’re wrong on this one!” 

Listen: if you get to a Michelle Obama level of fame and achievement, people will want to know your story just on the strength of your massive and publicly-noted success. 

But if you’re only able to ascend to, say, Tim Ferriss or Gary Vee or Dre Baldwin status (read: you’re not The President and not married to him/her), here’s the inconvenient truth: your story alone compels no one. 

Go and look at those other two guys’ books: several NYT bestsellers; no “my story” tomes. There’s a good reason for that. 

Work On Your Game [The Book] has a lot of my story in it. This is true. 

But, look at the subtitle: Use The Pro Athlete Mindset To Dominate Your Game In Business, Sports, and Life. 

NOT, “The Life Story of Dre Baldwin.”

Why? I mean, I personally LOVE my life story. But then I’d sell only one copy of my book. 

Most of the general public would have said, “Dre Who???” 

When you read that subtitle, I’m selling you on reading it not because it’s about ME — because I’m going to show you how to do something that will benefit YOU. 

Me, Tim, Gary, and 98% of other authors you like aren’t at Michelle’s or Ben Franklin’s level of fame. There have only been 45 U.S. Presidents, after all. Electricity could only be discovered once. 

The rest of us mere peasants of fame need to bring something else to the table. 

Framework: an essential supporting structure of a building, vehicle, or object.

The idea is simple for those who want to share your story: 

1) Figure out the teachable aspects of your life experience. 

2) Decide (or test out) who would want to learn from said teachable aspects. 

3) Structure / order those aspects into something that another person, who does not know you, could understand, appreciate and use. 

4) Share THAT. 

Work On Your Game [The Book] does this. The Four Hour Workweek does it. Tony Robbins’ Awaken The Giant Within does this. Gary Vee’s Crush It! does this. 

Do you know my story? If you’re read enough of my work, then generally, yes, you do. 

But I’ve never sold you on anything of mine by telling you, “IT’S MY STORY!!” 

Because you wouldn’t care. 

These above steps require work. Thinking, time, frustration, experimentation, maybe even some outside help in making sense of what you have. 

Your other option is to run for President (and win. Don’t forget to win). 

Do you have a story worth sharing? What’s useful about it that other people can use? Reply and let me know — I read all responses. 

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