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“If you help enough others get what they want, you can have everything that you want.” 

That’s a famous quote of legendary motivational speaker Zig Ziglar. And it’s the basis of how any of us leaves a mark on the universe. 

Most people, when trying to grow their significance, wrongly put the emphasis on themselves. 

Your brand. Your followers. Your great post or product or the awesomeness of the service you’re selling. 

Your offer may be just as great— if not better— than your sales pitch. But it’s still limited. 

Because it’s all about YOU. 

There’s another way of doing things.

It’s to have that same brand, those same followers, and that same offering — but instead of pushing “it” on the basis of its greatness, think about the impact that it makes on others and how it will help THEM. 

What they get. How they will change. The impact it makes on the user of the service or the owner of the product. 

Any good sales pitch does this without us, the buyer, even noticing. 

If all you did was focus on the impact that your work made on others, and deliver that consistently, opportunity will find you. 

The highest-impact actions are win-win propositions: you and the person you’re exchanging with both get something. And you’d both be happy to do it again. 

That’s why you need to charge a fair price for your goods: people don’t value (and won’t fully utilize) what they don’t pay for. And you can’t put your best material into something that doesn’t produce a proper ROI. 

Losers think lose-lose. These are people who aren’t doing well, so they try to make others not do well, either. 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not a loser. 

Average people (subconsciously) think win-lose: for them to gain, someone else has to suffer defeat. 

These are the salespeople who actually feel guilty when they make a sale, because they don’t fully believe in their product. They subconsciously believe that their customer is losing something by purchasing from them. 

This is why some people have such a hard time making steady sales. 

Starting today, aim to have your work make an impact. Help people get what THEY want, and stop trying to leverage people to get what YOU want. 

This doesn’t mean you have to change the work that you do. It’s just a change in the intention of your work and the energy behind it. 

When you come with the intention of giving, you create a space in which you will receive. 

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