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We used to speak to each other weekly. I was the one initiating 90% of the time, but I was fine with that. 

But then things changed. 

I’d called her multiple times over the previous months. Left messages every time, so there was no space for “I didn’t get a missed call” excuses. 

Still no return calls from Grandma. 

I figured that she simply didn’t feel like talking — talking to me, at least. Out of precaution, I made a mental note to call her son — my father — and ask him if Grandma was alright. 

Before that, though, I decided to give it one last try. 

This time, Grandma answered. 

It turns out, that while she could see that some people had left her voicemails, she wasn’t able to access them: voicemail was asking for her security code — and she’d never set a code in the first place. 

We talked for awhile. Aside from the usual getting-old physical issues, she is doing fine. 

She likes to read (she loved Work On Your Game [The Book] and was surprised that it “wasn’t a basketball book”), so I told her I’d send her some new stuff via Amazon. 

I told her to use “0000” as the voicemail code and see if that worked. 

The lesson: when someone’s actions (or lack thereof) don’t make sense, get to the bottom of the situation before jumping to assumptions. 

Have you ever assumed something about someone else and later found out the simple reason why your assumption was wrong? Reply and let me know — I read all responses.  

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