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How To Lose A Lot Of Weight -- FAST | Dre BaldwinI used to work at a gym called Bally Total Fitness. I was one of the best membership salespeople in the building. When I would start my “tours” (meaning, a guest came into the gym to check it out and a salesperson such as myself would walk that person around and talk to him, with the end goal of signing him up for the gym) of the gym I would always ask the same two questions:

What brings you to Bally? (In one part of my 3-part interview, the area manager emphasized that the gym was “Bally” and not “Bally’s” — which is a Vegas Casino.)

What do you want to gain from joining our gym? (<— Notice the assumptive-trial-closing question)

Most of the time, people wanted to lose something: Weight, inches off the waist or hips, flab on the back of the arm. A negative self-image connected to physical appearance.

Well, I’m not weight loss expert (actually I am: Move your body more and eat healthier/less. Boom), but I know another way you can lose weight if traditional methods haven’t been producing results.

  1. Drop ALL the losers from your life. You should be able to identify a loser. If you’re not sure if someone is a loser, they’re a loser.
  2. Pick up some winners and add them to your life.
  3. Like fat and muscle — losers take up more space than winners. A loser is shaped like a half-full water balloon and a winner is shaped like an ice cube. Losers slow you down and winners accelerate your progress. Losers drag you down and need to be carried. Winners carry you and drive you to go faster.
  4. Weight LOST. Congratulations.