How To Make It Clear That You’re Different From Everyone Else and Pave Your Own Lane…

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I’m not the first — 

Former athlete to go into the content-publishing space… 

Black man with a “motivational / inspirational” message… 

Person to talk about Discipline, Confidence or Mental Toughness…

… Yet you can’t name anyone who sounds like me, or anyone that I sound like. 

Message, delivery, presentation: all unique, although the topics have been touched on by many others before — and will be by many others after. 

Yeah, I hear people compare or liken me to the other known Black men speakers / influencers out there — but that’s mostly because we’re the same skin tone. 

That’s where the similarities end, as they should. 


A smart marketer once told me that there’s a way to sell your same product to different audiences  who have different needs, and yet still be successful in serving them all. 

The key idea is that you don’t need to completely  reinvent your wheel for every person / need / question your audience has. 

That would be a lot of work for you, first of all. And the ROI probably wouldn’t match your time & energy output. 

When it comes to your competition or peers, there’s a good chance that you won’t be the only person in the world who’s specializing in the thing that you do. 

There’s someone else out there doing it or talking about it or who’s known for it, too. 

What do you do? 

Well, let me tell you what you don’t do. 

Don’t abandon your topic or expertise. 

Don’t keep adjusting yourself to avoid the comparison. 

Don’t explain why you’re different (if you’re doing that, you’ve already lost). 

I’ll be teaching all of this in Week 2 of the Value Machine System group training that’s starting March 7. 

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