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Still-0017675If you didn’t know, yes, I’m looking. Many people have come along; most have not lasted — all for the same reason. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Being a generalist, i.e. I can help you with whatever you need will not get my attention UNLESS a) you offer to work for free b) you have a track record of doing this successfully; you’ve been an Assitant to someone before, for example.
  2. Have a track record of doing well the thing(s) that you’re offering me. School is not a track record. 
  3. Learn how to sell yourself. Many people offer to “help (me) with my marketing” but have no track record and/or do a terrible job of conveying it to me. Which means you’re not good at marketing.
  4. HUGE BONUS if you come to me with specific this is what I’ll do and how I’ll do it ideas. Even better if you take some steps towards it without my prompting. This takes the work of figuring out how to use you off my hands and demonstrates your value off the bat. Basically, make it impossible for me to say No.

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