How You Do Things: Learn To Put On A Show

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How You Do Things: Learn To Put On A Show - Dre BaldwinOf course, you need to work on your game. Competence matters. Practice matters. Skills matter.

And the higher you climb in your field, the more people with skills there will be. So what separates you then, when the guy next to you is just as good as you are?

The way you deliver sets you apart.

Studies have shown that the words we use in conversation matters only 7% in what people take from what you say. The way you say things — everything other than the actual substance — matter a whole lot more.

That slam dunk contestant who engages the crowd will get higher scores than a dunker who has no charisma. A speech delivered by a guy in a sharp suit is better-received than the exact same speech delivered by the same guy in a sweat suit.

We read a lot into the atmosphere of things, i.e., how they are presented. The substance of what we do does matter, but not as much as we think it does. Does this mean you should shun skill development? Of course not. But it would do you a ton of good to learn to put on a show at the same time.