I Didn’t Know I Owed You… Bitch

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I received the following comment recently:

you're mental soft. and its you're fault dre baldwin dreallday.com

(you can read my response at the bottom here, if you’re interested)

The internet does not owe you anything.

Just because we all can easily Google (mis-)information, does not make that information responsible for what you (don’t) do. Your job is to take in what you read/hear/listen to and decide, using your best judgement. This is called decision making, and it’s a requirement of adulthood. Decision making is best aided by thinking, which is optional.

I Didn't Know I Owed You... Bitch dre baldwin dreallday.comBitchers and Whiners have short memories.  

Fact: I have published more “help” on the topic of playing basketball overseas than any human alive. This is true. I get the emails every day. How did this fool end up on my site in the first place? Google, most likely. Do not EVER bitch to me with the “not helping me” shit. And the young black men part… please.

The vocal minority is (sometimes) useful.  

I know that most of you reading this aren’t like the commentator above. You should also know that I only publicly respond to these once in awhile; when I can create some content out of it, such as this post. It allows me to show you all how I handle such things; form there you can decide to stick around or not. And it’s fun.

People Basketball players just don’t read. 

Citing the post this comment was left on, I’m 100% sure this guy didn’t read it all. If he had, he wouldn’t have commented what he did. Thus, he still has the same question he was seeking an answer to before he got there. This seems to happen a lot with players asking about professional basketball. I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or not.

Beggars can’t be choosers, the cliche goes. When you’re asking for help from someone else, you are not in position to complain about what that person does or doesn’t do for you. You’re asking for help, not collecting a debt. If you think the helper could/should do things differently, easy fix: get your shit together, become the help, and do it your way.

But you can’t do any of that with your hand out. Bitch.