I Don’t Even Know What To Write.

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I Don't Even Know What To Write.| Dre BaldwinBut I’m writing this post anyway. That’s how I got good at writing.

Sometimes people ask me where I get the ideas for my Weekly Motivation and all the drills on YouTube or the Periscope streams. The truth is I don’t always even have an idea. But dammit, the red light on that camera is lighting up and the text editor is opening. Something better result. And even if I have no idea what, something always does.

I heard James Altucher say on his podcast that he writes for 12 hours a day. And James is a damn good writer. One of the best out there, in fact. Better than me. I don’t know if he’s addressed this, but I’ll assume: he doesn’t always know what to write about, and the motivation is not always there to write. But he does it anyway. And that’s how he got so damn good at writing. And if he slows down on his writing lifestyle, the quality of his writing will clearly reflect it.

It’s called “Work On Your Game”. Not “Buy Another Course” or “Plan It Out” or “Think About It” or “Look At What Everyone Else Is Doing” or “Criticize Myself To Death”. (Cliché coming — they’re clichés for a reason: They’re true) You think you’re not doing anything because you’re not good yet. Wrong: You’re not good yet because you’re not doing any-f****n-thing.

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