“I Don’t Know What Else To Do.” Because You’re Waiting On Directions

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"I Don't Know What Else To Do." - Dre BaldwinReally? You have tried everything? You’ve exhausted your resources (and resourcefulness)? There are no more ideas in that head of yours?

When you feel stuck, it’s because you have a picture in your head of how something has to get done. And when you can’t get your something done in the ways of that picture, you see no other options.

What you need to do now is step outside of your preconceived notions of how things happen, or how they are supposed to happen. “Supposed to” is a curse word to me. Every situation in life is unique and you always adjust to the situation. Fixing yourself into a box of “supposed to” is why you’re stuck.

There are no impossible tasks. You don’t know what else to do because your imagination has been put to sleep. Suspend everything you think is supposed to happen and look around at the other 99% of possibilities.

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