I Don’t Know What You Can Do — But You Do

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I Don't Know What You Can Do -- But You Do | Dre BaldwinMany messages that come my way are from people who describe themselves and/or their situation, then ask me if I think they can _________ (insert goal/wish/dream achievement).

And it disappoints me every single time I receive this message.

The only person who knows what you can do is YOU. I don’t know what you can do. Your coach doesn’t know. Your friends don’t know. Neither does your dad or your favorite teacher at school. When you ask someone else what your potential is, no matter what they say, you’re giving up your power.

Power isn’t something that’s handed out — it’s taken. Yes, even your own.

“But Dre”, you ask, “what if they tell me something that’s bigger than even I thought, and it drives me to be better?”

Great! But at some point you must take the power in your own hands and make that vision happen. That person telling you something doesn’t make it true or real — you, and only you — do.

If you don’t know what you are capable of, neither do I. I don’t need to know. But you do.

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