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The bicycle room at my building has assigned parking spots for each bike. And, being corporate as management is, they even manage to charge you $10/month to keep your bike in there. 

(One thing Corporate America is guaranteed to do: milk every dollar out of the consumer, and all the equity out of its labor. But that’s another topic for another day.) 

When I moved in, there was but one reminding available bike parking spot. 

It was situated in the corner of the room in such a way that I’d have to maneuver myself and my bicycle in between another parked bike, the wall and some surfboards (oh yeah — you can park your surfboard too) just to get my bike in and out of its spot for my use. 

After a ride last Sunday, I noticed that a much more favorable spot was unoccupied. 

Assuming it to be available (as opposed to that, maybe, the spot holder might be out on a bike ride as I had been), I locked up my bike in the new spot without a second thought. 

I Don't Wait For Permission Dre Baldwin DreAllDay.com

I then sent an email to management, requesting that my assigned bike parking spot be noted as moved to the better spot (which I had already appropriated). 

Management replied to my email Monday afternoon. 

Sure no problem.

You can start using (bike spot) #33

They’re used to people asking permission. 

I’m not. 

The courage to do things without asking starts with small stuff, like taking an open bicycle parking spot.

It then expands into bigger stuff, like putting your foot down on an ongoing injustice, sudden (to everyone but you) career changes, ending bad relationships, and a general defiance towards blindly following protocol. 

The small step is what sets it all in motion. 

Here’s an even smaller step toward building the nerve to do these things: getting your free copy of my book The Mirror Of Motivation, physically shipped worldwide. 

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-Dre Baldwin 

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