I Don’t Want To Get “Old” [Daily Game]

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]People always say that I look just like my father. At a recent family gathering, my aunt saw me and my father standing next to each other and announced, “Dre, look at him and see what you’re gonna look like when you’re older.” Then she laughed hysterically.

I read an article by James Altucher where he had a photo of a young (probably late 20s) Warren Buffett. With some older folks, you can see traces of them in photos from their youth. I wouldn’t have recognized Warren if that photo didn’t say it was him.

I saw a photo of ex-NBA player Brandon Roy sitting courtside at a basketball game recently. Roy is two years younger than me. But he looked older-enough, mid-forties-ish, in the photo, that it bothered me (probably just because he’s gained some weight, but still).

I’m resistant to “old.”

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  1. Growing old is, more than the number, very much about one’s state of mind and how fluid and open we remain to life as we gather time and experience. But it’s also the slowing down of our bodies and brains — maybe. I’ve met and seen people in their 60s who look and think better than they did in their 30s. I guess that’s what I’ll aim for as the years pile on. I can help my cause with…


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