“I Got This.”

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"I Got This."  dre baldwin dreallday.comThe power phrase that gives you control.

When you use I got this, you take pressure off of everyone else, solving their problems. They’ll appreciate you for that. Now the pressure is on you. Conquerors find the light in the midst of the darkness. As for your followers, most people don’t like or want pressure, so when you take it from them they will happily let you have it and follow you when you deliver (more on the delivery part coming).

When you say I got this, and mean it, you give your brain a command: Get this. If you don’t have the answer, you will come up with the answer (even if it’s wrong, which is OK).

When you use I got this, all the glory goes to you when it works out and you win. If you lose, you might die. But so what — you’d “rather be a lion for a day,” right?