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I don’t mind unfairness. As a matter of fact, I welcome imbalance and complete lack of equality.

Here’s why: We ain’t all the same. We’re not supposed to be.

To play professional sports, an athlete has to beat out a lot of other players with just as much talent. All of us ain’t making it. There will be some disappointed players going home at the end of the day.

To sell a product or service, the seller has to first get the attention of their consumer — attention that could be going to Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Instagram browsing, or anything else they care about.

It’s all competition. The central theme of competition is, “not everyone is gonna win.”

That’s the game. That’s what makes it fun: knowing that you are both pursuing and being pursued. Over time, it will be clear who both the winners and the losers are.

Some people — usually the losers and their supporters — want to manufacture and force “fairness” into the game. Some now call it “equality,” as if the goal is for everyone to be equal.

That’s impossible.

If I make a different set of choices from those that you make, should we get the same results? 

If I’m eating spinach while you eat a Snickers bar, do you deserve to have 6-pack abs? 

If you’re studying while I play video games, do I also deserve to pass the test?

To anyone with sense, these are ridiculous questions. Choices drive outcomes.

Thing is, though, these choices often play out over long periods of time — periods that are long enough for us to be blinded to the truth that the  outcomes we are realizing today are but a result of years of choices, aggregated.

Yet, losers speak up and wonder how it is that someone else has such an “unfair” advantage over them. It’s as if the loser hasn’t ever had the freedom to make choices. Their outcomes are somehow a surprise to them.

Equality as we talk about it today is not a process that can be tweaked and perfected. Actually, equality in this sense is not even real.

The only way everyone can be equal is if everyone made the same choices, which is impossible. The uniqueness that results from our freedom of choice is what makes the game fun.

(At least it is for the winners.)

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