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player problems i need a bunch of skills dre baldwin dreallday.comThis is another in a series of common-themed questions I receive from players. Hopefully it can be used as guidance for more of you. Some of you may not like my tone or my response — if you fall into that category, read this


Q: Does your DVD The Real is Back have drills for left weak hand circuit like your Left Hand Skill Program? How do I get a consistent shot like yours, every 1v1 game I watch of you like #18 you were draining buckets left and right and I’m on Day 6 of Stephen Curry and I’m amazed of the results already! I like all of your programs I’m like a basketball training freak lol even tho I only own 3 of your programs): can you give me a list of programs that will change my game by a lot I def need better overall strength and need to get leaner, my ball handling is good but I want it to be unguardable handles, I’m a good shooter but not consistent most of the time, my defense needs a lot of work, and more than all I need more speed and my vert sucks I’m 6’1″ and can get only half way up the net help me Dre! I’m trying to get into the Future150 camp in Charlotte next summer and I need to get exposed! Help me man, Thanks.

A: 1. Yes. 

2. You need to practice for a long time and keep practicing to maintain it. You will never stop practicing. There is no time frame. Glad the program is going well for you!

Explosion (Speed/Vertical): Jump Manual (free offer: https://dreallday.com/jumphigher/)
Good luck!

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