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QUESTION: Why have I stopped sending emails every day over the last couple of weeks? 

ANSWER: I didn’t know I’d stopped writing until we checked our email systems 2 days ago… the software isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. 

I’ve been communicating with my email software company since then to have them figure out what the hell the issue is. I won’t air them out by name, since they’ve fixed things in the past. 

Just know that I haven’t stopped writing and the emails are coming… 


Anyhow, we have been working on updating, streamlining and better-targeting what we do and what we offer here at Work On Your Game — to do that, I need your help. 

MY REQUEST: Would you jump on a live 1-on-1 call with me to talk about your current frustrations needs, and goals? We want to know these things to better understand how we can deliver to you, from free content to our paid offerings. 

The call is 100% FREE, and will be only 20 minutes in length. I’ll be asking all the questions, so all you’d need to do is show up and be honest with me! 

If you’re in to help US help YOU, go here to schedule yourself: http://WOYFG.com 

Talk to you soon.