I Refuse To Lose.. To You

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I’m training for a marathon.

Sometimes when I’m running, I see another runner going the same direction as me. Unless I’m dead and at the end of a longer (11+ miles) run, I always pass them and stay ahead of them.

Not because I’m looking for people to race. I’ll probably be one of the worst marathoners out there in January; this is my first and last time doing it.

Not because I have to beat people to feel like I’m “really working out,” or to feel worthy of being out there. Definitely not because I’m one of the best runners out there or even close.

It’s 100% psychological. There is not logically explainable reason for it.

It’s because I know what I’m capable of. Because I know I’m a pro athlete who has put in years of work. I refuse to have some more citizen outrun me for even half a mile of an 8 mile run.

(At least, if I can see him. I’ve had some guys sneak up behind me, sprint past me, then stop running 25 feet in front of me, as if done their run. We have words we use to describe these guys. I’ll leave it to you to figure out. )

I am abnormally competitive when it comes to certain tasks. Usually stuff that involves power, persistence, and endurance, like distance running. Because you can’t “luck” your way to running for an hour, faster than someone else. There’s both a physical and mental toughness aspect to it. I don’t get this way in the weight room when someone bench presses more than me. I did get like this in basketball.

Sometimes in life, you just look at your opponent and say, no f***ing way. I may lose, somewhere down the road, but not today. Not to you. Never to you. 

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