Idea Storming: Putting Your Idea Muscle To Work

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Idea Storming - Dre Baldwin

The point of this post is taken directly from James Altucher, so check his site/podcast/weekly twitter Q&A if you want more from him.

The practice is simple: Come up with ten new ideas per day.

Write them down somewhere and make it a daily habit. This won’t take more than, say, 20 minutes as you struggle to come up with things, but it helps develop the muscle of generating ideas, which are always helpful to us to solve challenges.

James teaches that these ideas don’t even have to be good or actionable — the worse the better — it’s a way to condition you mind to let go if limitations, and I turn come up with stuff. And just like any other practice that becomes habit, after a certain amount of time (James says six months is reasonable), ideas will come to you quite easily.

After some stops and starts, I’m about 6 weeks into this habit and it is a mental challenge. I am coming up with about 2-3 ideas per day that I am actually putting to use, though, so the muscle is already strengthening.

I am often asked about my routines — what things I do each day, when and where I do them, for how long — this is one of them. And what makes it good is that you can start using it, right now, with no extra resources.

So get started.