Your Ideas Ain’t Sh** — And I’ll Prove It To You

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There was a time, maybe 2010ish, when I thought that creating apps and selling them in the App Store might be my ticket to riches beyond my wildest dreams. 

Apps were HOT at this time. The iPhone was just starting to go mainstream. I had recently gotten rid of my beloved Blackberry. 

I was playing pro basketball. Professional athletes have lots of downtime. I wasn’t in the NBA. So, I knew there was more money I could be making. 

I wanted that money. 

Thus, Apps. 

I’m good on computers, I thought. I am a fast learner, too. I’ll make an app about playing basketball and crush it. 

I imagined my Fast Company magazine cover. “Dre Baldwin: Basketball Player And Millionaire App Developer.” 

I read a book about creating and selling apps. The author of that book suggested that you have NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) in place to protect your ideas before reaching out to developers who could make your ideas real. 

I drew up rough sketches.

Had the ideas of what I wanted. 

I even had conversations, by email and phone, with developers who could make this app of mine real. 

I had them sign my NDA. They all agreed and signed it. 

I had them make test apps that I could download and use privately to give them feedback. 

The test apps were terrible. 

I mean, really bad. 

Had they not had my name and face on them, I would never have used these apps. 

The idea for scrapped. You never heard about it until now. 

Today I don’t have any apps in the App Store. Go look, I’m telling the truth. 

Your Ideas Ain’t Sh** — And I’ll Prove It To You Dre Baldwin


Ideas don’t matter. 

Execution matters. 

Notice that I didn’t say, “ideas are worthless and you shouldn’t have any.” You SHOULD get good at producing ideas. I come up with at least ten ideas every day. 

Maybe one or two of them actually happen. Often, none of them do. 

But, 10 ideas per day X 365 days a year = 3,650 ideas. 

I only need a few of them to be good. 

The Work On Your Game Podcast (and every single one of the subsequent 1,200 episodes) was an idea that came out of the 3,650. 

HoopHandbook (my basketball training programs site) was an idea that came out of the 3,650. 

Every single book I’ve written was an idea that came out of the 3,650. 

The ideas aren’t impressive; they have no impact on anyone. But the execution is tangible. It affects people. It makes money. It gets noticed. 

Ideas ain’t shit. Mine aren’t shit. You’re aren’t shit. 

Execution is REAL. You can FEEL it. You can TOUCH it. You can SELL it. You don’t need an NDA for execution; by executing on it, you’re DOING the disclosure yourself! 

Go execute something. That’s a good idea. 

Speaking of ideas, giving away my book The Mirror Of Motivation for free was one that became real. So, go get your free book shipped (just take care of the shipping) here: 


-Dre Baldwin 

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