If The Pressure Was On…: You’re Procrastinating Because It Doesn’t Really Matter

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If The Pressure Was On... - Dre Baldwin… You would call that prospect on your “chicken list” that you’ve been nervous about talking to.

… You would finally have that conversation with the person in your life that is causing you problems.

… You would fire that employee whose performance is not up to standard. But without pressure you’re letting them slide due to your own timidity.

… You would go ahead and write that blog post or book, but here you are, afraid of your own success.

… You would take charge of that team, group, or project. But you don’t want to “rock the boat” because you’re so concerned about other people’s feelings.

… You would shine the way you were always meant to, but you continue to dim your own lights to make everyone else feel comfortable around you.

… You would say, “fuck it,” and do that one thing that has been staring you in the face for a year.

… You would do all the stuff that would change your life. The stuff you’re not doing now, because the status quo is good enough, and comfortable enough.

… You would stop waiting for something to compel you into action, and take it yourself.