If They Don’t Fuck With You

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I heard a story about something that happened at a Miami Heat game last season close to the court. Rapper Lil’ Wayne was sitting court side at American Airlines Arena and cheering for the road team. The ball bounced out of bounds close to Wayne and Dwyane Wade came over to retrieve the ball. Wayne was sitting close enough to speak to DWade and decided to address his reasons for cheering against the hometown Heat:

“Y’all don’t fuck wit me so I don’t fuck wit y’all!”

“We don’t!”

“Then fuck you then!”

“Fuck you!!”

The cameras didn’t catch this and I wasn’t there, so this may or may not have happened as I described. But since this post is not about Wayne or Dwyane let’s pretend it happens just as I described it.


Too often in life (I’ve been guilty of this from time to time) we put too much effort in trying to I grain ourselves with people and circles who want nothing to do with us. Or, they may be interested in some way, but not enough to match your effort. You’ll come 50 percent of the way and they’ll care enough to come 25. The mistake happens when we go that extra 25, bringing our total to 75% of the effort. Business, love, and friendships see this happen.

If that other entity is not interested enough to come 50% of the way to match your effort, there’s a better option out there for you.

It’s been said that in any relationship, the side that cares less has the power. It’s true when you think about it, since the side that cares less can more easily walk away. And that trying-more side is left feeling powerless since no matter how hard you try you’re always at a disadvantage. Actually the harder you try the more powerless you become.

Exercise your power to walk away. The real power in life is directly related to how easily you can walk away from things which you do not control. Many times you’ll find that entity that only wanted to give 25 somehow, some way finds that other 25 when they see that (by your walking away) you’re demanding it. You don’t ever have to say it, you show it. Us humans have strong powers of inference. Test them on that stingy effort-giver and you’ll see.