If You’re Afraid Of Promoting Your Stuff…

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Someone once sent me a direct message on Snapchat, asking why I was always promoting my products. 

“Because, that’s how I let you know about them, bitch.” 

I don’t remember if that’s exactly what I said. But that’s a close-enough interpretation. 

I wasn’t remorseful — of my response nor of the product promotion that had prompted the message — since this person had voluntarily followed me. 

They had followed me so they could know what was going on in my world. Whatever product it was that had led to the semi-annoyed DM? That’s what was going on! 

I was giving them what they’d implicitly asked for. 

And I was doing my job. 

Marketing: the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

I heard someone mention a movie scene that is a great parallel for marketing.

In the scene, there’s a boss working at some office who had a peculiar way of giving direction. 

Every time the boss spoke to his staff, he would repeat the instructions nine times. 

Please hand me the stapler. 

Please hand me the stapler. 

Please hand me the stapler. 

Please hand me the stapler. 


Someone asked him why he did this. 

Because, the boss replied, on average, people need to hear things nine times before they listen and take action. 

If you’re in the marketing business, your main job is getting your message to the eyes and ears of the people you wish to influence. 

And, since you’re not the only marketer out there competing for attention, you can’t expect — 

1) People to hear, remember or be influenced to action by you just because you said something once, 

2) To be the only one publishing, advertising and promoting to the same person. 

To market your work effectively, you have to interrupt people: take them away from what they were doing (which was NOT paying attention to you) and (eventually) get them to do what you want done. 

For the wrong person, that interruption is inconvenient and ultimately useless for them and for you, the marketer. 

But for the right person, that interruption is welcomed and exactly what they needed. 

Part of your job in marketing is finding more of those right people with whom to share your message, and getting rid of the wrong people. 

(Over time, people can change from one group to the other.) 

What this all means: if you’re shy about promoting yourself or your stuff, or you’re self-conscious about annoying/bothering people with your marketing message, or you just wish the customers and clients would “come to you” instead of you having to be proactive… 

Marketing may not be the right job for you. 

What will help your marketing mindset: a strong belief in what you’re selling. For this, I created a special video series called Bulletproof Your Mindset. 

It’s free, and you can watch it here: http://WorkOnMyGame.com/BYM