I’m Doing A Live Book Event in Miami [And It’s Free]

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I’m doing a live event in Coral Gables later this month at Books And Books, the largest independent bookstore in South Florida, and which has been named the best bookstore in the state. Books And Books is a beautifully designed store that’s both modern and classic at the same time; if you’re a reader (even a digital reader like me), you’ll love the ambience of the shop. 

Who: Me, a special guest host MC, you and some friends. 

What: A live, 2-hour event that’s a combination of presentation / interview / audience Q&A / book signing / photo taking / hand-shaking.  

When: Saturday, June 22 from 7-9 PM 

Where: Books And Books Coral Gables [265 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134]

Why: I’m giving a live presentation titled, “It Takes More Than Hard Work.” Promote my book Work On Your Game. Meet and greet readers like you. Sign any books purchased on-site. Take photos, shake hands. 

How: The event is free, but you must register in advance to attend. Register for the free event at DreAllDay.com/Book.