I’m An Educator. Entertainment Is Just A Bonus

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I'm An Educator. Entertainment Is Just A Bonus - Dre BaldwinI teach people. If there’s an entertaining moment in the process, so be it.

My mother is a teacher, as was my grandmother. My sister is a teacher, so is my best friend. Many females I’ve been involved with were/are teachers. I hated school for the last 8 years (high school & college) and swore I’d never go back (and I won’t).

So it was funny when I thought about it and realized that I was much more a teacher than anything else.

I teach athletes how to improve their performance. I teach business people how to market and promote themselves and their products/services. I teach human beings how to improve the results they get from their own lives through their mental habits.

That pretty much sums up everything I do.

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