“I’m Not Into Sales.”

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"I'm Not Into Sales." - Dre BaldwinI was on the phone with a woman this morning (not this morning) and she was telling me about her work situation. She had owned her own business for a few years but shut it down because of the long hours and lack of revenue.

I asked her what she was looking to do next, and she said she was just looking for a job in order to make some money. Her only stipulation was that it not be sales. Ideally, she was looking for a job in management.

I asked her about the sales comment. “I’m not good at sales.”

Hmm. No wonder your business didn’t produce the revenue you’d expected? Any maybe why you’re looking for a job?

Everything is a sale. Hell, how many sales do you have to make to open your own business? The building, employees, permits, possible loans, inspections, supplies… All before you attract customers. This woman had made plenty of sales in her life.

I’m sure she would agree with this point. What she probably meant was she didn’t like selling products or services to people. But I would consider a job in sales to be the next closest thing to owning a business.

I would have some control over my income, where a job is a fixed amount (save for bonuses). My efforts would be in accord with my profits. I don’t have the leverage of a business, but at least I know that better work would equal better pay.

But maybe that’s just me. I hope she finds a job.

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