Imaginary Players: I’ve Earned My Spot In Basketball

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Imaginary Players dre baldwinI’ve been at this YouTube thing for a long time. 7+ years, a few thousand vids. Drills, tutorials, game clips, full games, motivation, etc. I invented putting basketball workouts on the internet for free. Being a the pioneer of the genre, I should expect to see people mimicking what I’ve done. I should be happy that I started something that other people see as a way to make a name for themselves. I should feel honored and like a proud father….

These niggas is my sons and I don’t want custody… – Nicki Minaj

But the reality is the majority of the shit I see is so weak I’m not able to conjure up those feelings.

I log on to YouTube and in the “Suggested Videos” section I see random videos of weak players doing cheap imitation remakes of tutorials I did in 2010. Regurgitating my explanations of moves and techniques, not sounding like they even believe a word of their own speech. Their viewers — at least those who leave comments — encouraging these clowns to make more videos. The thing with basketball on YouTube is that the viewership trends young — the 14- and 15-year-olds watching us have no experience outside of their neighborhoods and local gyms. So to them, anyone who can do some dribbling drills is a star. So a 20-something who has no playing experience past their high school/college career, posting wack drills, is a bum to me but a celebrity to the right audience.

This fact doesn’t bother me, as there is plenty of space for anyone to make a name for themselves in this vast online space. I’ve defended Kim Kardashian, a person whom many would say is famous for doing nothing, for that very fact in many conversations. What I am bothered by is the lack of original, creative work being done.

I claim the space I claim because I’ve done it in real life — the scholastic ball, the pro camps, combines, tryouts, contracts, hotels, busses, flights, bullshit, and everything in between. On the internet I’m an authority on the subject not because of my online presence but because of what I do and what I’ve done when the computer wasn’t on. I see a lot of people presenting themselves as something they’re not for titles that have not been earned.

You’re not going far in life as a second-rate copy of anyone else. What I would like to see is some original work from you online basketball players. Do something that you haven’t seen, that you’re good at, that you can claim as yours — I don’t want YouTube suggesting I watch more of this “me too” shit. What can you do that no one else can? Anything? Sure, there’s something, but you can’t get there while being a outdated xerox machine.

We use scanners now anyway.


  1. I wish I read this a long time ago man! Im 18 years old and when I feel like I need something that gets me back on my way I always reach up to one of your vids or blog posts. And you always have one hell of an answer. Keep doin what u doin

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