Independent (Wo)man Pt. 2

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Independent (Wo)man Pt. 2 | Dre BaldwinHuman beings are the only animal species that nurtures our young for 18 years. Shit, we’re one of only a few species that nurtures our babies for more than 1-2 years. Every other animal kicks the young out of the nest to go make it on their own or perish.

Baby lions better learn to hunt and kill quickly; cuz mommy won’t be sharing for long.

Birds force the babies out of the nest. You’d better be ready to fly, or down you go.

When you’re leading or building a group of people, your goal is to make yourself unnecessary as quickly as possible. Kick them out of the nest and let them do it on their own.

The more people who are dependent on you, the more managing you’ll be doing. And managing is a damn job. And a hard one at that. Your inability (or unwillingness) to empower becomes your burden. You’re the bottleneck of your own business, and if something happens to you, everything collapses.

Teach people the skills they need so they no longer need to call you with every problem or text you for answers to every question. Make themselves the ones with the answers for their own groups of people.

This style of empowering people makes you even more powerful, because you equipped them with the power to have power. So their success becomes yours, like the branches of a tree extending from its trunk.

A month from now, I’m gonna be busy — so you better watch closely and learn quickly, because you’ll be on your own really soon.

That conversation not only puts your people in the independence frame of mind, but creates a sense of urgency to soak up all they can.

They’re gonna have to build their own nests and kill their own food sooner than they think.

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