Initiative Is Everything

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As a pro basketball player, every time my career wasn’t going well it was because I’d stopped taking initiative. Waiting on a call. Hoping my agent would create an opportunity for me. Wishing my someone would give a chance.

Every time something good happened it was because I had taken initiative.

I emailed a German team manager once, “Y’all gonna sign me now or what?” I was there a week later.

I was less than 24 hours form taking a flight back t the USA once. I emailed 50 agents in the country I was in. 6 responded. 1 was ready to make moves. Extended my stay in that country 6 months. Not to mention the experience,e game footage, stats, money and stories that came from it.

I changed my Myspace (yeah, I know) name to “I’m Not Changing This Until I Sign A Contract!” Took 4 months, but that name did change.

I applied to Rita’s Water Ice in Mt. Airy when I was 16. The woman I hated my application just so happened to be the manger.

She looked at my app and asked, “What are you doing tomorrow morning?”

“I’ll be here!”

I got the job. Saw her in Philly summer 2015.

Right now, you’re waiting on some things. An email reply. Some more information to come your way. Someone to give you a chance.

It might come. But not on your schedule.

Recognize that all the power situations in life are taken. Take the lead. Take a chance. Take initiative. Take a risk.

Stop waiting and start taking.