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You know what “attraction marketing” is. 

Show yourself, your life, what you’re about, where you go, and whatever else that will attract like-minded people who either relate to or aspire to be like you in some way. 

Attraction marketing works. 

Refer to some popular social media personalities and you can see for yourself. 

The challenges with attraction marketing, however, are many. 

1) Competition. Everyone’s doing it, and some of that “everyone” is gonna be better at attracting attention than you are. 

Attraction marketing is a red ocean, stained with the blood of the many who’ve come before you and have died in the battle for attention. 

2) A mile wide and an inch deep. The majority of people who buy into your attraction marketing will have surface-level affinity for you: while they are fans and followers, they could ditch you just as easily as they found you. 

As soon as something newer and shinier comes along, those surface fans are going with it. 

3) Attraction tools grow old. There’s only so many times you can see a nice car or curvy ass or hear a slogan before it loses its effect on you. 

The attraction marketer must always come up with new stuff to keep an audience engaged, similar to how a news company must always report (or create) new news to keep their audience watching. You’re signing up for a lifetime job. 

4) Humans are consumption machines. Which means, we will say YES over and over again as long as things continue to be offered to us. 

If you really want to know what someone is about, though, don’t look at what they say yes to. Look for when and where they say NO. 

Which leads to your alternative to trying to attract everyone. 

Rejection Marketing. 

Rejection marketing works exactly how it sounds.

You build your relationship with your audience not by telling and showing them all the things they want, but by telling and showing the things, ideas and people that you and they DON’T want — or, by pushing away anything that doesn’t fit the in-group ethos. 

A Christian men’s group rejects women, Jews and Catholics. 

The women’s basketball team rejects males. 

A podcaster who regularly uses profanity rejects people who abhor foul language. 

A service freelancer who posts their prices on a website rejects anyone who can’t scrape up the posted dollar amount. 

While attraction marketing is about showing everyone that there’s something there for them, rejection marketing is about showing people all the reasons why they don’t want to be a part of the group —

While attraction marketing is about showing everyone that there’s something there for them, rejection marketing is about showing people all the reasons why they don’t want to be a part of the group — Click To Tweet

— Then, embracing the few who remain after all the disclaimers have been expressed. 

Pat Riley, President of the Miami Heat, describes his team as, “the hardest-working, best conditioned, most professional, unselfish, toughest, nastiest and probably most disliked team in the NBA.” 

Soft, lazy and out-of-shape players need not apply. 

Here’s the great opportunity of rejection marketing: very few will ever entertain the concept of using it. 


Because humans are social creatures. Rejection marketing — purposely pushing people away — goes against our wiring.  

Plus, is this social-media and like-and-follow-me-driven culture, everyone wants to be as popular as possible to as many people as possible. 

Rejection marketers want the opposite. 

Decide who you want to have around you. 

Get clear on all the stuff that you don’t want. 

Make it clear in your content, your presentation, your everything, who you’re not for. 

Then, give your best to those essential few who remain. 

Who do you need to start rejecting with your marketing? Reply and let me know — I read all responses. 

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