Invest In Environment — It’s Worth It…

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I’m sitting in Flamingo Park in Miami Beach as I write this. 

Flamingo has undergone a transformation since the days when I used to come here to do parachute sprints on the baseball field and train a few basketball players who’d found me online. 

The hoop courts, tennis courts, fields, and landscaping have been completely redone. There are an indoor pool and gym now. An indoor bathroom has been built that has vending machines outside. There’s an outdoor workout station. 

The only part still under construction is the handball courts. 

Flamingo is a beautiful, peaceful place to just sit and relax— or to play sports. It’s the kind of place that I always want close to me.

I’ve lived in Miami going on twelve years, and I still love driving across the causeways that connect Miami and Miami Beach. 

I accept the reality of paying more to live in a nicer neighborhood, around nice people. I’m making up for a childhood that was often devoid of this, I suppose. 

Environment matters. Being in a space that stimulates your positivity, creativity and has the people you want to be around is not an expense: it’s an investment. 

An investment that, to me, more than pays for itself via intangible rewards. 

The Game Group Membership, on the other hand, is an investment that will pay you back tangibly on the first day — and every day thereafter. There’s already 800+ hours of my best material there. 

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