I’m a light sleeper: 4:49 AM in Miami

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If you’re reading this, you may already know I’m an early riser. I like waking up when the town is still dark. Not like this, though.

What you may may not know: I’m a light sleeper.

In college, and a few times playing pro ball, I’d have snoring roommates. My tried-and-true strategy: call the hotel or dorm room with my cell phone and let it ring until he woke up and answered it.

Worked every time.

All that black is not water or a forest. Those are people’s homes and communities which normally have street lights. 

You heard from my last email how Irma was on the way; see my Instagram for a blow-by-blow (pun intended) of what actually happened.

My neighborhood was (as of last night; I haven’t been downstairs yet today) flooded.

Our main busy street turned into Venice, minus the boats and singing men. The water was brown and murkey. It was not romantic.

And the wind. The wind would not stop blowing.

Every gust sent more of Biscayne Bay’s waters into the streets, trapping those without golashses in their buildings, while a curious, social-media-driven few (like me) stood on higher ground snapping photos and video.

The wind began picking up again while I was taking my nature walk and I headed back inside.

Yes, inside.

To walk up 40 flights of stairs in the dark.

Because the power was out and the building’s backup generator obviously wasn’t alerted to the plan.

I needed the workout anyway. The gym has been closed since Thursday.

So back to the light sleeper thing.

I heard a beep beep this morning while sleeping, the kind most people would sleep right through and ever notice, and immediately knew what it was: the microwave resetting itself. Let There Be Light!! 

The water (we’d lost that too) was running again, and hot. I decided to write this email before Googling how to reset the circuit breakers. Then I’ll go downstairs and see if I can walk the streets yet.

If you know anyone in other areas of Florida who got a more direct hit than Miami – Tampa Bay, Orlando, Naples – check on them.

Good Morning.

(P.S,- See my Instagram posts and story – tap/click on my profile photo – for on-the-scene video of what I saw. )