Is Racism On The Rise? Let’s Talk About It…

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I jumped into a random room on the Clubhouse app one day in early January. 

I think I may have tapped in by accident because I generally assume that such a topic — “Should They Remove Trump?” — won’t have any useful


There were only about 8 people in the room when I came in, and was immediately invited to join as a speaker (you can be a speaker or audience member in a Clubhouse room; moderators control who can speak). 

The conversation had apparently moved on from Trump by that point, because the question I was asked was different: “Is there MORE racism going on today than there was back in the Civil Rights days?” 

The conversation that followed my answer was very interesting. 

Some Black people in the room had questions for me, and I for them. Some of my answers, they accepted — others, not so much. Par for the course. 

Some of the “examples” shared told me a lot about how some people think these days. 

The two White guys in the room said some things, including one diatribe that I thought was a joke (but wasn’t), that made me laugh. 

I made an episode about that Clubhouse experience, and more importantly the racism question itself, since it’s a useful topic to address. 

Hear my full answer, with context, in episode #1731: Is Racism On The Rise? Dre Answers…

Listen here: 

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