Is total discipline possible?

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A question I answered on Quora: Is total discipline possible?


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Yes, as soon as you’ve defined what total discipline means to/for you individually — but I doubt that’s the life anyone would want long-term.

I’m not a serviceman, but I would guess the military is the closest to total discipline that anyone lives for an extended period of time.

The main reason why you wouldn’t want this: It’s boring. Doing the exact same things the same way at the exact same all the time, while necessary for, let’s say 95% of the time to create lasting success, still allows for that 5% of “away” time. Michael Jordan, for example, gambled and played golf when he wasn’t doing basketball stuff.

That off-time from Discipline is what allows for the on-time of discipline. While not “equal,” they do balance each other out.

Here’s an episode of my podcast that addresses this question directly.

#831: Discipline Does NOT Mean Perfection [WOYG Podcast] | Dre Baldwin & Work On Your Game Inc.

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