It Is Your Right To Be Successful

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It Is Your Right To Be Successful Dre baldwin DreAllDay.comIn my exchanges online with people, sometimes I get the feeling that some people see success as some intangible thing floating way above us in space.

It isn’t.

Success is defined as the achievement of a goal; I’ve modified my definition to say the pursuit of a worthy goal or goals, since the achievement of a goal immediately makes you a non-success, as you have no goal to pursue at that moment.

Success is your right as a human being with independent thoughts and desires; add in the gifts you were handed at birth of personal initiative, knowing what you wanted and choosing your own desires *think of a baby), and success is actually your job, you duty.

As a living, breathing human being who has complete control of his own thoughts, it is your duty to pursue worthy (by our standards) goals.

It is not something only reserved for people born rich, or those who are tall, or lucky people, or someone who “got all the breaks.”  It is reserved for you. But you must go after it.

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