It Just Might Work: Test Your Theories

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It Just Might Work: Test Your Theories - Dre BaldwinHow many things are you not trying right now in your life because you’ve arbitrarily decided that the idea won’t work? We all do it, with good reason: humans have a finite amount of mental and physical energy; we can’t go around trying everything.

But, within that group of discarded ideas, the one that will make a huge difference for you lies dormant. It’s just waiting for you to test your assumptions.

If the same tried and true tactics aren’t producing the desired results, what exactly are you risking by trying something radical? Your safe, not-great-but-good-enough, status quo? Are you ok with staying there for the next 6 months? 5 years?  10 years?

If not, it’s time to grab something off the cutting room floor. Your winning answer may just well lie within.

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