It’s Not About You by Bob Burg (@BobBurg) and John David Mann (@JohnDavidMann) [Book Review]

September 9, 2018 It’s Not About You by Bob Burg (@BobBurg) and John David Mann (@JohnDavidMann) [Book Review]

“The less you say, the more influence you’ll have.”
Ben nodded thoughtfully in an effort to be polite.
“Do you know why that is?” she added.
“No, I don’t,” replied Ben. “Why?”
“Because the more you yield, the more power you have.”

After thoroughly enjoying The Go-Giver’s message, i found that authors Burg and Mann did more work together. This short book, another message-within-the-story style self-help work, is recommended for all persuaders, influencers and salespeople.

It’s Not About You follows a young businessman who’s doing his best to make a merger happen between his acquiring company and legendary local business which has fallen on hard times. All good stories have happy endings — so I don’t think you need three guesses to know how things work out — but it’s HOW Hong’s work out, and what the businessman learns in the process, that makes It’s Not About You what it is.

You Should Read It’s Not About You IF: You sell, persuade, influence, or do anything else in life or at work that involves getting people to see things your way and agree with you.

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