It’s Not Always Gonna Be About You

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It's Not Always Gonna Be About You - Dre BaldwinEven when you’re the best in the group or in your entire field, you won’t always be the one being talked about.

Human beings require uncertainty and variety in their lives. Too many sunny days in a row and we not only take the sun and warmth for granted, but complain that it’s too hot. Have a life with no problems, setbacks or challenges for too long a period and your blade (your mental acuity, resolve, toughness, sense of urgency) grows dull.

If you’re the best in wherever environment you’re in, be happy when the attention goes away from you for a period. Seeing too much of you out in front will cause people to start searching for dents in your armor; not because anything is really wrong with you, but just because you’re there. When you’re the undisputed best for too long with no challenges, your greatness is not valued as it should be. So welcome the averted attention.

Take that “off time” to work on you and get better while no one is looking. Then when they turn back to you, you have something new to show them.

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