It’s Your Job To Know: Learn Your Craft From Every Angle

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First Step to Making a Shot: Shoot The Damn Ball

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It's Your Job To Know - Dre BaldwinIn 2014, not knowing — aka ignorance — is an unacceptable excuse.

Information is right at your fingertips and it costs you nothing in material goods. All you pay for information is your time and attention.

If you want to be/advance in any certain field, it is your job, and your job only, to educate yourself on what you need to know and do. Find the people, read the literature, understand the rules. Saying “I didn’t know” doesn’t make things OK.

No matter how much school you’ve had, education is a lifelong task that has no endpoint. The further you stretch yourself, the more you will need to learn. You are 100% responsible.

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