You’re a Passionate, Hard Worker? Just Need An Opportunity? Read This.

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dre baldwin dreallday.comYou work hard.

You give full effort ALL THE TIME.

You will be an asset to any team or organization.

You just need a chance and you know you will make the most of it.

That’s fantastic.

One thing though: No one cares.

Not because hard work and passion and effort don’t matter — they surely do. Thing is, if you take those words out of your mouth and let anyone else say the same things… see the problem? Anyone can say that shit. If you’re saying things about yourself that anyone could also say about themselves, you’re essentially saying nothing. You’re better off saying nothing.

I really meant that: you’re better off saying nothing, and sharing results. What you’ve done, results you’ve produced, what someone you’ve worked with/played for says about you. In other words, proof.

But what if I haven’t done anything? Do something.

But what if no one will give me a chance? Well, you have two choices. Want to hear them?

  1. You can create your own chances and opportunities (I share a lot of info on how).
  2. We can put “_____ Did Nothing, But No One Ever Gave Him A Chance!” on your tombstone when you die.

Your choice.


  1. Good day. I have a friend and he is so passionate about basketball and he wants to go pro. Because of how determined and good he is, I would be so sad if he doesn’t make it pro. The problem is that we are not overseas and the country we love in doesn’t really have a professional team. How can you help him get an opportunity in america. Thank you.

    • 1) How you feel about him making it or not doesn’t matter, because it’s not your life. How he feels is what’s important, because that will determine his actions/inactions.
      2) Read the articles on this site; where you live has nothing to do with a player’s chances.
      3) I’m not helping him do anything; he needs to help himself. Pro basketball is for grown adults, not kids. IF he wants to ply, send him this website to read and help himself. What he does is not your responsibility, and it damn sure isn’t mine.

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