Jeremy Lin’s Shooting Coach & Coach Nick: How To Read Defense + “The Hop”

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Jeremy Lin Shooting Coach & Coach Nick How To Read Defense The Hop dre baldwinStephen Curry is one of the best around right now. Wanna add some of his skills to your game? Get Steph’s Signature Workout Program: 30 days of his skills and drills, and see where it takes you. 

The best PGs around, wherever you play: Are you in that conversation? What;s stopping you from being there? The Damian Lillard Signature Workout Program gets you working on many of the skills Damian used to get his name in that conversation. 

I broke down some shooting technique tips from Coach Nick awhile back — today he shares some more detailed shooting tips with the help of a player and Jeremy Lin’s shooting coach. I show some videos below of myself using The Hop and also Jeremy Lin himself, and Kobe using it at times.

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