Just Watch: People Will Understand You When Your Accomplishments Speak

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Just Watch dre baldwin dreallday.comPeople ask me all the time what motivates me and keeps me going. What gets me up in the morning? How do I stay motivated all these years?

There are many answers to this questions, though the main one is that I’m motivated by myself: What I do is just who I am. The motivation is within me, it just feels right to be doing whatever it is you see me doing. Some days I just feel great and the energy is high — you’ve had those same days and you know it’s easy on those days.

Then there are the days when you’re fatigued mentally and/or physically, and that’s when the ever-elusive motivation must kick in. What are you doing it for? Family counting on you? Your kids? That teacher you want to prove wrong? The coach who benched you? The money you want need to make? We all have our own motivations.

For me, though, sometimes I just make shit up.

Some imaginary game. Some make-believe trash talker on the side of the (actually empty) court. Some fans cheering for my (non-existent) opponent. Some negativity from some people that never really happened, but damned if I don’t believe it for the hour or two that I need it.

“I can’t do what? Watch this.” You don’t need to be an athlete to use this trick. You could be racing the clock to get to your departing flight. Or fixing your flat tire. Whatever.

No one is actually seeing any of this. But the results can be seen, by me. And I’m watching.

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