Kill It: Eliminate Negative Thoughts and People Like You Do Insects

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kill it dre baldwinSay you’re in your kitchen and you see an any crawling up the side of he refrigerator. What do you do? You kill it — either with some spray or a paper towel or your hand, and you probably try to figure out why it was there and where it came from and get to the root of the problem. Whatever your reaction, I doubt you just leave it there and think about what to do. You see something that you don’t want to be there – the ant – and you immediately eliminate it.

So what takes us so long to take the same action when dealing with people?

I’ve talked before about intuition and instincts; even if you didn’t read anything I’ve written about it you already know: instincts don’t lie. Your guy reaction always tells you exactly what you need to know. When your guy tells you something isn’t right, you should listen and act on that feeling. When you don’t listen, things always turn out bad later if not sooner.

Trust me – I know it can be hard to change the people in your life. We grow comfortable and facing the prospect of being alone (at least temporarily) bothers us. Humans are extremely social creatures; isolation is painful. But would you rather be alone is a clean house or in company of the insects?

Kill it.


  1. Hey, Dre…I love your work man…keep it going.

    Your posts have some spelling errors, I don’t know if you notice. I just wanted to let you know.

    ‘you see an any (ant) crawling up’ & ‘rather be alone is (in) a clean house”

    I’m looking forward to seeing how you guys do in the Philly tourney..good luck bro!

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