The Killer On The Street & The Alpha Dog In Sports: Same Person

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The “alpha dog” athlete that we idolize for his “killer instinct” is utilizing the exact same energy as the violent thug who’s ten toes deep in the streets, the three-time felon locked in prison due to an inability to control his instincts and reactions.

The only difference is, the athlete was introduced to sports: a vehicle for channeling those aggressive impulses in a constructive, positive way that also double as a viable career path.

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The street guy? He wasn’t as lucky — either that, or his influences on the streets were stronger than those in the gym or on the field.

Your favorite “cutthroat competitor” athlete, had he not been introduced to sports, might be the same that guy that caused you to cross to the other side of the street when you saw him coming.

Same energy.

The athlete learns to control and channel that energy in the right direction at the right times, and when to turn it off.

Other people? The energy controls them.

Big difference.

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