If You Know How To Get There, It’s Too Easy

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If You Know How To Get There, It's Too Easy dre baldwin dreallday.comThe best achievement you’ve had was in doing something you had no idea how you’d do it when you began. Most people, like you, couldn’t see it either — for you or for themselves. And that’s exactly what made it great, the fact that there was no clear path, no sure success, and that most people wouldn’t do what you did because there was no guarantee of it working.

Any destination you can see from where you currently stand is not a worthy destination. The mystery of what will happen, how you’ll handle things, where the next surprise will come from, both scares people off and makes it interesting for those who keep going. The glory goes to those who are left standing once everyone else has gone home.

The biggest rewards are reserved for the finish lines the fewest people get to. If anyone can see the finish line, the rewards are safe, but small.


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