Know Your Streets To Avoid The Bad Traffic

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At Art Basel Miami in early December, the traffic is crazy. A wrong turn on the wrong street can cost you an hour of sitting in a jam.

People who don’t know the areas of midtown, Wynwood or South Beach would be smart to not drive at all. And locals who don’t have a sharp sense of direction will wonder where the hell all these people came from.

That’s why it’s important to know your terrain.

Know where you can relax, where you’ll need to move quickly, where it’s loud and where it’s quiet.

Know which streets are dead ends, which are friendly to you and which to avoid completely.

Solid military generals know the terrain of every battle like they know their names: lives depend on that knowledge.

Your life isn’t on the line when you’re stuck in traffic (unless you’re a road rager), but your time is. And time is life, so… [shareable cite=”@DreAllDay “]Your life isn’t on the line but you time is. And time is life, so… [/shareable]