Knowledge Ain’t Power: People Don’t Even Use It

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90% of purchased books do not get read past the first chapter of the book. 

I wasn’t sure I believed this the first time I heard it. But the more I thought about it and I observe people, I’m not sure this number is accurate. It’s probably closer to 98%.

I used to be loathe to publish the list of books I read; I didn’t want too many people having access to the same information I had. What I found out was my fears were unfounded: most people will get the information and do exactly nothing with it.

So, here’s how you get ahead of the person to your left and the guy to your right:

  1. Consume as much good, useful (relative terms) information as you can on a consistent basis. Audio, books, videos. Replace the junk (reality TV, rap music, all mother time wasters) with this stuff.
  2. Make a daily practice of actually applying information you have.

Too simple? Too easy? Start doing it. And do it all of 2016. Then tell me you wasted the year.

I’ll wait.

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